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Leveraging my experiences on interviewing and obtaining offers from multiple firms: McKinsey, BCG, Bain, AT Kearney, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger, Monitor Deloitte, Strategy&, EY, KPMG, Delta Partners, as well as other boutique firms, I would strive to aid prospective applicants to familiarize themselves on the intricacies within recruitment processes unique to each firms.

Coming from a pure engineering background, I did not have any knowledge base myself in business, economy, and management, when applying and securing a Project Specialist role at BCG and later on a full-time employment as a Consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Hence, I am very symphathetic towards aspiring candidates who might mostly be on the same boat as I was in face of consulting firms' air of secrecy in the illusive recruitment process.

I will support every aspiring candidates through a comprehensive learnings of the recruitment process, consisted of 3 elements:

1. Stages in application process and the dynamics within each stage.

2. Soft skills

Soft elements takes a significant portion of interview assessment such as our mindset when approaching the interview, how to treat the interviewee, and behaviors which should we display to optimize the interviewers' impressions.

It affects interviewers' assessment on candidates' fit for the Firm and their comfort in putting the candidate in forn of the client.

Hence, it is of the upmost important to learn on this aspect before delving directly to the hard skills on solving the cases. 

3. Hard skills

We will attack the hard aspect of case interview methodically, starting from understanding on what the interviewer is seeking from a case interview, how to start attacking a case, which framework to use, how to break down the issues how to present your findings and recommendations, as well as how to close the case interview session. 

By mastering these 3 elements, candidates should have an ample learnings which they could use to optimize their performance in the real case interview session. 


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