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[COVID DISCOUNT] Bain & Company | Ex-recruiting team | Real life case questions | Career and MBA guidance | Start-up mentor
Bain and Company, BUBA Business Angels
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Turkey (UTC +3)
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My Approach
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[COVID DISCOUNT]: Contact me for the discount code.

My approach is not limited to interviewing only:

  • I track candidate performance across 3 dimensions during interviews. 
  • I provide detailed feedback email after each interview. 
  • I give real life client/business examples during/after interviews.
  • I share by email relevant study cases to be solved by the candidates themselves.
  • I give advices on overall application process including CV, Cover Letter preparation and PSTs.

I try to meet and do face to face interviews with candidates in Turkey. 

My experience is allround:

  • So far, I was interviewed 20+ times by top management consulting companies including Bain, McK, BCG and ATK. I was interviewed 15+ times by top firms from the industry including P&G, Unilever, Pfizer and more. 
  • I worked on 8+ management consulting projects with key clients across industries and capabilities, including due diligence, profit & loss, digital transformation, commercial excellence and more.
  • I face to face interviewed 60+ MBB candidates. 



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