PrepLounge Affiliate Program

If you have a successful blog, YouTube channel, Instagram account or other traffic sources with a large and relevant network, you can now register to our Affiliate Program and receive up to 30% revenue share.

Recommend PrepLounge and Generate Additional Income

PrepLounge brings together aspiring management consultants from around the world to practice for their case interviews. We offer interactive content and personalized training plans that will get candidates closer to their dream job at a top consultancy. Spread the word to your audience and you will receive revenue share per Premium Membership purchase via your referral link.

Become Affiliate partner

Create an account as an Affiliate partner if you have a relevant network that can benefit from PrepLounge.

Share your referral link

Share your referral link with your network which will grant them a 10% discount on a Premium Membership.

Receive revenue share

Receive up to 30% revenue share per referred Premium Membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the PrepLounge Affiliate Program work?

Once you are registered as a PrepLounge Affiliate Partner and have completed all necessary information, you will have access to a PrepLounge Affiliate account through which you can manage your activities. This includes your referral links, advertising media you may use and an overview of your acquired customers/payments with the respective commission. Whenever a user buys a PrepLounge Premium Membership within 24 hours after clicking on your referral link, they will receive a 10% discount and the revenue share will be added to the list of your payments.

How can I qualify for this program?

Anyone who has a website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram or LinkedIn account or other traffic sources with a large and relevant network can apply as an Affiliate Partner. PrepLounge coaches are eligible for the Affiliate Program, as well. During your sign up process as an Affiliate Partner, you will be asked to provide the URL of your main traffic source. Based on this, we will decide whether we want to include you in the Program and give you notice whether your application has been successful.

How and when will I receive payments?

Each commission will be immediately credited to your PrepLounge account upon purchase of the product. On a monthly basis from the first day of the month, you can then create an invoice directly via PrepLounge based on your list of payments. We will then proceed with the payment via your preferred payment method (PayPal or bank transfer) and you will receive the amount within two weeks time.

How long does the sign up process take?

The sign up process takes only about 5 minutes. We will let you know via email within five working days if we will include you in the program.

How much revenue share will I receive exactly?

Unless otherwise agreed with us, you will initially receive a revenue share of 15% per Premium Membership sale via your referral link. We can increase this share up to 30% depending on your success and after checking your target group. You can request more information as a comment in your registration process.

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