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Any advice for Oliver Wyman first round of interviews?

Louay fragte am 14. Aug 2018
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antwortete am 23. Aug 2018
Oliver Wyman (FS, Dubai) | Cambridge (Economics)
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Hi Louay,

In addition to Vlad's contribution, I can offer the following advice based on my experience with OW Dubai and London:

  1. Prepare for brainteasers - these seem less frequent recently, but are still common amongst interviewers
  2. Take the initiative and provide precise quantative answers - OW interviewers will frequently ask for precise results (e.g. to 3 decimal points), rather than for approximate figures
  3. Demonstrate the firm's value proposition to you - solid reasons why OW stands out to you will go a long way (e.g. positioning in Financial Services, flexible Global Staffing Model, growth rate)

Feel free to reach out offline if you have any specific questions on the firm or the geography you are applying to. Best of luck!

Vlad antwortete am 15. Aug 2018
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Several things:

  1. You can have some "strange" fit questions, like "What you will do if you become a president". Seems you can't prepare for these
  2. Most probably you will have several brainteasers, so read the books "How to ace brain teasers interview" and "Are you smart to work at Google?"
  3. In addition to regular cases prepare for market sizing since this is the most common type in unstructured interviews
  4. Since Oliver Wyman is heavily specialized in banking - learn a lot about it. (i.e. corporate and retail banking products, how bank accounts profit = interest income + commission income + transaction income - funding costs - provisions - FC, etc)


Thank you for your helpful answers. — Louay am 15. Aug 2018

I just want to know some resources that can improve my knowledge on the banking system. Thank you. — Louay am 15. Aug 2018

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