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Advice for an Exec MBA candidate

Moose fragte am 17. Sep 2019 - 3 Antworten

Hello, I am currently finishing my EMBA at INSEAD and will be applying to MBB in the UAE towards the end of the year, I am a pharmacist by education with 10+ years in various strategy/consulting roles in the pharma/healthcare industry. I had 2 questions that I would love your inputs on:

What are the prospects for an EMBA graduate MBA in getting into MBB? and if i pass the process successfully, do i always start at the consultant role or does the experience gained in industry count?

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antwortete am 17. Sep 2019
McKinsey Business Analyst | 3+ years Experience | Extensive experience in case preparation
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I actually think there is no difference from an MBA / EMBA at your level of expertise.

That brings to the second question: you are definitely going to be offered a different position than an MBA.

An MBA has roughly 3-5 years of experience and is almost always offered an Associate/Consultant position.

Giving that you have more than 10 years of experience in consulting, you would probably be offered the position of expert in your field (pharma/healthcare) with the equivalent starting level of an Engagement Manager at least, if not Associate Partner!

Thanks Giulia! — Moose am 17. Sep 2019

I want to clarify that my experience is a mix of operational + strategic/consulting with ~3 years of the latter, so i suppose that is the experience that will count in the process — Moose am 17. Sep 2019

All of your years of experience will be counted while offering you the right position, don't worry! — Giulia am 17. Sep 2019

BCG IE antwortete am 19. Sep 2019
BCG Expert Principal


I had a somewhat similar path to BCG.

I did my Global Executive MBA at IE Business School after around 15 years of experience in industry and digital consulting. I came in to BCG late last year on the expert track as a Principal (now Associate Director).

Based on your profile, it sounds like you have a pretty good shot at an expert role, either Project Leader or AD level. My honest opinion is that trying to come in as a PL in generalist track will be extremely difficult and also very hard to succeed in, but I don't know your specific skillset and strengths (or ambitions).

The INSEAD EMBA isn't required due to experience, but it will make a big difference in getting your foot in the door. It would be quite hard for an average person with 10 years of mixed experience to get an interview without it or something else quite notable.

Hope that helps.

antwortete am 17. Sep 2019
McKinsey / Accenture / Got all BIG3 offers / More than 300 real MBB cases / Harvard Business School
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With 10 years of experience, your MBA does not matter. I can see 2 paths for you:

  1. Manager role / Junior Partner role for a generalist track if you have enough experience in consulting leading the teams / selling projects
  2. Expert track in a pharma/healthcare industry. In that case, your growth will be slower overall and it's closer to the research


Thanks for the input Vlad! My pure consulting experience is more akin to ~3 years and not for the entire 10+ years (the rest have been in operations) and hence i would be benchmarked differently — Moose am 17. Sep 2019

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