BCG Potential Test #2

  • BCG Potential Test with 23 questions
  • Created by ex-MBB interviewer Gaurav
  • Format and style for a real test experience
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As one of the largest and most prestigious consultancies worldwide, the Boston Consulting Group uses the BCG Potential Test (also known as: BCG Online Case) as a tough first hurdle during their selection process. Many candidates already get eliminated at this stage, but by providing you with the best test practice material coach Gaurav wants to make sure that you are not one of them! His practice BCG Potential Tests will give you the real test experience and avoid any surprises on the actual test day. The test covers all challenging question types that can await you during the test. In order to increase your chances of success, all you need to do is set the timer and get started with an intense prep session – the clock is ticking!


Case Briefing

Page 1-2

Get a short overview of the case and what the client is expecting from you.

23 multiple-choice questions

Page 3-25

Former MBB consultant and PrepLounge coach Gaurav made sure that the question types have the optimal difficulty.

Answer key

Page 26

In the answer key, you can note your answers and calculate your final points.

Detailed answers and explanations

Page 27-32

Use the detailed explanations in the attached answer key to understand your mistakes and learn for the next practice round.

About the Author

Content Creator
Ex-Mckinsey|Certified Career Coach |Placed 500+ candidates at MBB & other consultancies

Gaurav is a former McKinsey consultant with 6+ years of experience in management consulting. He has executed consulting assignments across Asia, Europe & Africa in a variety of industry sectors and functions. Later in his consulting career, he was involved in the recruitment and professional development of young consultants.

Since 2014, Gaurav coaches management consulting aspirants through various platforms (including PrepLounge) and leading business schools across the world. Apart from being one of the most sought-after coaches for case interview preparation, he has authored several Business Cases, Problem Solving Tests and ‘How-To’ Guides.

Moreover, Gaurav works as an executive coach. He coaches mid & senior management executives through their career transitions. Gaurav is ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner.

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November 04, 2020 by Anonymous

Interesting to understand the different question types but far too easy in comparison with the actual test at BCG. If you can buy two tests, why not beginning with this one to understand how it works, and then practice on #1. If not, buy #1.

3 users found this review helpful.

Any Open Questions Left? Check Out Our FAQ

How close is this practice test to the actual BCG Potential Test?

This practice test was developed by an experienced ex-MBB-Interviewer and has the same structure, format and design as the actual BCG Potential Test. The difficulty level is just right to prepare you for the actual test and avoid surprises on the day of the test.

Why do I need to practice the BCG Potential Test?

Time pressure is the most difficult part of any screening test which is why practicing and improving your speed is key. You should go through as many practice tests as possible. Besides this practice test, you can use the free material provided by BCG as well as our other practice tests for an optimal test preparation.

How can I make the most out of this practice BCG Potential Test?

Using this test gives you the possibility to get the real test experience. However, there are some things you should do: Since the BCG Potential Test takes place online, it is best that you do not print the pages but go through the test on screen only using scratch paper. Limit your time to 45 minutes and check how far you make it. After that, have a look at the solutions, revise and retry the test. Find more practice material focusing on your weak points in order to reach perfection.

I applied for BCG. Will I have to do the BCG Potential Test?

Depending on your location, your experience, the position and office you are applying to, you will or will not have to pass a BCG Potential Test. In order to make sure, please check with your HR contact person whether the test is used or if any other test is part of your application process.