Premium Membership (6 weeks)

  • Unlimited number of mock case interview meetings
  • Full access to case interview resources (project simulations, video case solutions, tutorials etc.)
  • Entire case library (150+ incl. real cases from top consultancies)

Is this product the right choice for you?

You are a student, alumni or young professional and want to start your career as a management consultant? Then a PrepLounge Premium Membership is the best starting point for you. We specialize in the selection processes of top consultancies like McKinsey, BCG or Bain. If you don‘t want to have any regrets after going through your application process, a Premium Membership with a nearly unlimited number of cases and case partners is the perfect tool for your case preparation. It offers you a wide range of benefits that will enable you to eliminate any risks when it comes to your case interview.

A premium membership offers you the following benefits:

Full access to all case interview resources

  • Unlimited number of mock case interview meetings with members of the world‘s biggest case partner community
  • Over 150 case studies incl. real cases from top consultancies like Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger etc.
  • Case practice material like video case solutions, online simulations of real consulting projects, mental math tool and more

Vast case selection

150+ cases

Our cases cover all topics – from market sizing and market entry to growth strategy and more. Choose your level of difficulty based on how far along you are with your case prep, and progress to our most difficult cases.

Real company cases

Be perfectly prepared for your case interview by practicing cases that top consultancies use in real interviews. Read them online on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can also print them and solve them offline.

Buy it once and get access from anywhere

Conduct meetings anywhere

Whether on the train, at university or from the comfort of your own home – you can practice and prepare case interviews from anywhere you want.

Use your notebook, tablet or smartphone

Watch videos of best practices, read articles that give you a profound understanding of frameworks or solve real cases from top consultancies alone or with a partner.

Any open questions left? Check out our FAQ

  • How many cases can I practice as a Premium Member?

    With a Premium Membership, you can practice as many cases as you want in our interactive meeting room.

  • How long before I can complete my first meeting?

    Very quickly, normally within a few hours, but sometimes even sooner. You can choose between different meetings on our meeting board - on average you will find about 50 meetings per day. You can also just add your own meeting or start a partner search request. These options and the size of our community allow you to quickly find a suitable case partner who practices in the same language, pursues similar career goals and has the ideal case experience for you.

  • Is it possible to connect with other candidates?

    Sure! Our PrepGroups allow you to take full advantage of our vast number of users. Create new PrepGroups or join existing ones in order to join forces for your case prep with friends, fellow students or case partners that are interested in the same consulting firm as you!

  • I prefer to practice case interviews in person. Can PrepLounge help me to find case partners?

    Yes. On our Map you can add your location and find candidates nearby to meet them in person and prepare for case interviews together.

  • How many cases are available within a Premium Membership?

    Our continuously growing Case Library currently includes more than 150 cases to which you have full access to as a Premium Member. This includes a number of real cases that top consulting firms like Bain & Company, Roland Berger or Oliver Wyman use in their job interviews.

  • Can I cancel my Premium Membership?

    You will not have to cancel your Premium Membership because you will pay in advance for a specific time period (1, 6 or 20 weeks) and there is no subscription trap or automatic extension. Of course, you can still delete your account anytime you want via your account settings. However, you will not receive a refund of your membership fees if you decide to do so.

User reviews

I would not have even passed Round 1 without PrepLounge.

Verified purchase (United States)

I can say with 100% conviction that I would not have even passed Round 1 let alone get an offer from BCG without PrepLounge. As this is my 2nd time applying to Consulting, I know for sure that I was not prepared the first time and real-life practice and help from experts is the only reason I did well this time. While some people think that over-practising can make your analytical abilities go stale, I would argue that there is no such thing as too much practise and there are always mistakes and areas of improvement that you can address with each extra 45 minutes of a case interview. I would recommend using PrepLounge to anyone who is serious about getting a job in Consulting. Practise makes perfect!!

 Great resource for case practicing

Verified purchase

Great resource for case practicing. Only here there are a lot of case partners for practice and good theoretical materials for self practice.