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Why consulting?
Give me an example of a time that you have led a group to achieve a difficult goal!
Tell me about a difficult situation you had to face and how you managed to overcome it!
Do you have any questions for us?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Why should we hire you?
What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
Tell me about a time you failed!
Tell me about yourself!
Why company X?
Who do you need as your 'right hand'?
What would you ask me if you were the interviewer?
What would you be doing if you weren't in this field?
What are some key lessons you have learned about motivating people?
What other firms are you applying for?
What are your hobbies?
Tell me about a time where you dealt with a difficult member in your team!
What are your greatest professional strengths?
What is your greatest professional achievement?
What can you bring to the company?
Tell me about a time that you changed someone's mind!
Tell me about a time that you persuaded your boss to go along with an idea you had!
Which role do you play in a team?
What was a situation where you set a major goal and were able to achieve it?
What did you learn from the last business book you read?
What gets you up every day?
What is your ideal vacation?
What makes a good management consultant?
How would you explain a complex technical issue to a client?
Tell me about a time you have led a team through a conflict!
Tell me about a time that you did something innovative!
Tell me about a difficult situation where you had to rely on your communication skills!
What is your spirit animal?
Tell me about a time when you achieved a difficult goal!
How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?
What would you do if you won the lottery?
When did you last tell a lie?
How have you applied what you've learned in your career to other roles?
Tell me about a time that you managed upwards
Tell me about a time when you were leading a team and you needed to force someone to work when they didn't want to do it!
What are you reading right now?
What is your biggest dream and your biggest fear?
What song best describes your work ethic?
What's a time you exercised leadership?
Who is your role model?
Are you ready for the long working hours you will face as a future consultant?
What’s an example of how you helped someone this month?
30 s


Provide three reasons why you want to pursue a career in a consulting firm.
Leadership doesn't necessarily mean being a supervisor. Organizing various stakeholders, being in charge of a study project, leading your team in a competition – all these examples will make a good story.
Show that you are able to solve problems with innovative solutions and exceed expectations.
Your answer should not be related to something you could easily find online.
Be honest and specific about your future goals.
Craft an answer that covers three things: You can deliver great results; You'll really fit in with the team and culture; You'd be a better hire than any of the other candidates.
Think of something that you struggle with but that you’re working to improve.
Turn your failure story into something positive that has helped you to take away important learnings.
This question aims to understand if you have experiences that show the skills you need to be a good consultant. It's important that you don't just read out loud your CV!
Show off all of the hard work you have put in learning about the specific firm. Interviewers are a little smug at times and are SURE that their firm is the BEST and they like to hear it.
A great candidate knows his strengths and weaknesses and how to build a team to round out capabilities.
This question is to test how quickly you can put yourself into someone else's shoes. Be ready to answer the question you will think of yourself!
This question opens the door to what you're interested in outside of work, such as your hobbies and passion.
Leadership is about finding an opportunity and managing people to achieve it.
Just be open and honest!
This is your chance to find a point in common with your interviewer. In the end, they are looking for someone that they don't mind working together for up to 12 hours a day.
Don't complain about your team member, but rather focus on what your role was during the conflict resolution.
Be accurate and follow up with an example of how you've demonstrated these strengths in a professional setup.
A great way to do this is the S-T-A-R method.
Think of this question as going beyond your practical skills and knowledge to what your role tends to be when working in a team.
Show your personal impact on people and don't forget to mention your motivation. Why was it important that the person changed their mind?
Be very, very specific but don't get lost by describing details about the setting. Focus instead on what you did and why you did it.
There is no point in pretending something you are not. Consulting firms are not looking for one specific personality type, but rather for people with a clear communication style with whom it's a pleasure to talk to.
Don't forget to mention why this goal was important to you personally.
Your answer will reveal how much you read and your ability to discern key takeaways to apply them to business situations. If it's not a book, but a blog or newspaper article that comes to mind, use that.
Your interviewer will ask this question to find out how he or she can best motivate and help you, so you can perform well on the job.
Are you a thrill-seeker? Family-oriented? Do you prefer to attend conferences and seminars or use a vacation to recharge your batteries? This question provides further insight into your personality.
When interviewers ask this question, they are looking for an understanding of the job and industry and an appreciation for the skills/personality traits needed.
Understand your audience, define your terms and divide your concept into "chunks".
Focus more on your skills and how you used them being a leader. Your team is important but the interviewer want to get to know you.
What a great opportunity to show that you stand out among other candidates!
Show your interviewer that you are able to support the team and make the work easier for them.
Give a deep and insightful response that leads to a discovery about your needs, responses and behaviours.
Your story should prove that you set ambitious goals and you are ready to do hard work in order to achieve them.
Talk through your go-to stress-reduction tactics and then share an example of a stressful situation you navigated with ease.
Do you consider the needs of others? How important are reputation, money, material possessions and power to you? This is your chance to explain your values as well as your dreams for the future.
Interviewers use this question to understand your values and highlight any red flags. To claim that you never tell even white lies will be dishonest in itself!
This is a question for experienced hires and tests whether you are able to apply the things you have learned.
For each personal fit question, you should have at least one backup story ready.
Prove that you are a real team player and are able to work with diverse personality types.
Most people who love to read also love to learn which is an important quality of a management consultant. Leaders are readers!
Mention your fears but focus more on elaborating your dreams and aspirations. Positive minds are more likely to be successful!
Relax! This is more about the reasons you choose a song than the actual song itself.
The best stories include enough detail to be believable and memorable.
This is the opportunity for the interviewer to really get to know you. Give him/her an idea of what your values, beliefs and aspirations are as a person.
Show that you are not only willing to work long hours, but are able to do so with the highest quality standard.
Think about the last time you helped someone and show that you are a team player.

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