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MBB Structuring Mastery by Sidi
  • EXCEED every firms expectation
  • Structure based on LOGIC
  • Approach ANY QUESTION robustly

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NEW: Have a look at some of my recent McKinsey & BCG results with my mentees:

----------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT ---------------------------------------------------------

!!! I do not offer simple "case practice sessions" !!!

What I offer is to transform your thinking, your articulation of this thinking, and the execution of the corresponding analyses in a way that Top Strategy Consulting Firms (MBB) will fall over themselves to get you on board!

From my coaching programme, you will be able to build a maturity and rigor of thought that lies WAY above anything that you can see in the pertinent case literature (“Case in Point”, “Case Interview Secrets”, and the likes) and anywhere on the internet. In fact, your ability to think through issues from first principles will even lie way above the level of most young MBB consultants in their first 24 months on the job. Thinking through ANY type of problem from first principles is a skill that consultants usually only learn as Senior Project Leaders (aka Senior Engagement Managers) at MBB – a level of seniority that none of the authors of the popular case books has ever reached! Hence, demonstrating this kind of thinking during interviews is a surefire way to impress the hell out of essentially every MBB interviewer you will ever encounter.

Here is a nice illustration: One of my mentees who recently started at McKinsey (after having rejected a counteroffer from BCG) met his first-round interviewer over lunch. This (former) interviewer confessed that immediately after the interview his thought had been “Incredible! This guy should rather have interviewed me…”, and that he had never seen such “partner-like thinking” from a person straight out of school.

Over the last couple of years, more than 200 current consultants at McKinsey, BCG and Bain have been coached by me to join their respective firm across all 5 continents. Many of them even had the luxury to choose between at least two MBB offers. They are now thriving in their jobs, doing exceptionally well and they tend to progress significantly faster then their average peers. I am 100% convinced, that this is also a direct consequence of the transformative nature of the coaching programme they went through.

Moreover, several current coaches on Preplounge are former mentees of mine which have been trained by me to join McKinsey or BCG.


------------------------------------------------------ ABOUT ME ----------------------------------------------------------

I am an experienced former Strategy Consultant groomed at McKinsey and formerly BCG, now Head of Corporate Strategy at a several billion dollars global Media & Entertainment corporation.

As a Strategy Consultant for McK and BCG, I have led large consulting teams and worked for top level clients in Germany and Europe as well as numerous countries across Africa and the Middle East for 7 years. 

I served as a member of the core recruiting teams in BOTH McKinsey and BCG. In this function, I have formally interviewed hundreds of applicants. Hence, I am using the REAL evaluation criteria and scoring methods that McKinsey and BCG base their decisions on and that you will be evaluated against when interviewing with these firms! Knowing both firms deeply from the inside, I can give you unique insights into the nuances that will make a difference for McKinsey or BCG respectively!



When building your case solving muscle, it is much more important to focus on quality, rather than quantity! If you fail to develop the right thinking frame, routines, and habits, the effect of doing more practice cases will be actually detrimental! So scrutinizing the right elements in terms of how to approach business problems by means of a rigorous and bullet-proof thinking frame has to come very early in your process!

For example, probably the BIGGEST misconception that I unfortunately see with many many candidates who want to build up their case solving muscle is the failure to acknowledge and internalize the following:

Structure DOES NOT equal frameworks!

The multiple frameworks that you can find in pertinent case literature (e.g., "Case in Point", "Case Interview Secrets",...) for different types of business questions are nothing more than a very basic toolbox in terms of which areas to look into for certain types of problems. However, they are very poor regarding HOW TO APPROACH a case and HOW TO DRAFT A ROADMAP for solving the case. This approach and roadmap needs to be rooted in rigorous and specific logic, and this is a completely different requirement than “learning and applying a framework”. This "framework learning philosophy" is the very reason why an overwhelming majority of candidates will not get an offer. Hence, teaching my mentees how to approach ANY type of business situation by means of first principles rather than "frameworks" is one of the fundamental elements established early on in my coaching sessions.


--------------------------------------- TRACK RECORD AND OFFERING ------------------------------------------

As a private interview coach, I have helped more than 200 candidates to break into consulting in the last 3 years – with a consistent track record of almost 90% success rate (only 24 candidates did not receive an offer)!

  • Roughly 75% of these successful candidates secured offers from either McKinsey or BCG
  • The remaining offers distribute across Bain, Booz/S&, Roland Berger, and Oliver Wyman. I am NOT focusing on smaller firms!

On Preplounge, about 80% of people who book an initial session with me are booking additional follow-up sessions, which gives a good illustration of the helpfulness of the coaching. Large part of my mentees decide to do a multi-week preparation programme. Of those who run through several weeks of coaching, nearly everybody has historically received at least one top consulting offer (most of them have several cross-offers). One interesting fact: several of my mentees have been offered full-time contracts by McKinsey already after the first round! McKinsey was so convinced of their performance that the Firm deemed further rounds unnecessary (this is testified in some of the 130+ reviews on my profile! Feel free to scroll down in order to read through all of them.).

As of today, I am the only expert on Preplounge who has worked several years as a full time consultant AND interviewer for two MBB firms. Given this experience, I can also offer well-founded perspectives when it comes to assessing cross-offers - specifically concerning decisions between McKinsey and BCG offers!

I offer both, Case Interview Preparation and/or Personal Experience/Personal Fit Interview Preparation - pick and choose, or get holistic coaching on both!

Moreover, I also can help you with a pack of about 15 written mock PSTs (Problem Solving Tests) specifically designed in the "McKinsey way". This is the best way to supercharge your preparation for this dreaded initial hurdle at the Firm.

I look forward to help you land multiple MBB offers!

Sidi's Coaching Package
MBB Structuring Mastery by Sidi
Includes 3 sessions
EXCEED every firms expectation
Structure based on LOGIC
Approach ANY QUESTION robustly

Structuring is the big achilles heel of practically all available materials on case preparation. Consequently, most candidates struggle to understand, what structuring a strategic business question actually means, and how they can move away from generic and incoherent frameworks and non-logical collections of "buckets". These widespread approaches provide a certain guidance to the candidate, however they are extremely fragile and contingent on luck, since they are not rooted in a robust logic and just rest on the mere hope to "cover all relevant  areas" and find the "golden piece of information" that will guide the candidate towards solving the case.

In this 3-sessions-programme you learn how to make yourself independent of this widespread framework- and bucket thinking, to approach any strategic question from first principles and rigorous, bullet-proof logic. In fact, you learn the skill how to think as a Senior Strategy Consultant (Project Leader / Engagement Manager and upwards!) at McKinsey, BCG and Bain. You will learn how to:


  • Isolate the core question, and then set up the central logic to answer this core question, based on the principles of value creation (the holy grail of the strategy consultant)
  • Disaggregate value into its quantitative components and sub-components with a rigorous logic tree
  • Map qualitative drivers to each quantitative sub-component of your logic tree


This condensed programme has elements of

  • Demonstration & explanation (Coaching Session 1 (~90 minutes))
  • Exploration (via homeworks) and focused skill-building (Coaching Session 2 (~60 minutes))
  • In-Case application and fine tuning (Coaching Session 3 (~60 minutes))


After this programme, you are ready to attack any business question that can be thrown at you during an interview at any of the MBBs.



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May 20, 2020 by Santiago

Sidi is an excellent coach! He gives you a coherent estructure for you to abroad any consulting case problem. When I had my interviews I felt so confident about my knowledge and the tools that i had for cracking the problem and 60% of it was all work of Sidi. Today I already have an offer from BCG office Bogotá! Don`t doubt tacking classes with Sidi!!

1 user found this review helpful.
July 24, 2020 by Anonymous

Sidi taught me a highly versatile approach to structuring MBB cases. After a short theoretical introduction, we immediately dived into applying the approach to practical cases. The approach really works well and Sidi's feedback on where to improve is surgically price. I can only recommend the MBB Structuring Mastery package: it's well worth the price.

1 user found this review helpful.
July 24, 2020 by Anonymous
0 users found this review helpful.
November 25, 2020 by Anonymous

I strongly recommend Sidi, who is an outstanding case coach! With Sidi's support, I can guarantee that you will reach a whole new level in terms of your case solving skillset.
I chose the MBB Structure Mastery by Sidi to prepare for my upcoming consulting interviews. I can assure anyone considering that this course was tremendously helpful to me. With Sidi's help, I was able to secure a 100% offer rate out of my two interviews with Tier-2 companies. Sidi also offered valuable advice on my pathway to break into MBB firms further along in my career.
Each coaching session was well prepared with interesting cases, helpful material to study with, and individual feedback targeting key aspects of my case-solving skillset. Together we shifted my approach from framework-based thinking to a deep understanding of how to approach strategic business problems in a structured and logical way. Once you understand the reasoning of this approach, each structure you create for a specific case problem will outline a clear step by step guide on how YOU will solve the case. From personal experience and feedback received after my interviews, that's what firms were most impressed with during my interviews. Besides, once you understand how to think like a strategy consultant it will boost your confidence in any interview situation.
To sum it up: If you want to break into a top-consulting company and beat the odds, go with Sidi. It will pay back!

0 users found this review helpful.


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