Bain interviewer with 4 yrs or experience & 50+ interviews conducted | Helped 10+ candidates land their jobs in MBBs
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As a Bain interviewer with internal recruiting rotation experience, I know how you can stand out and excel. I have helped 10+ undergraduate students, graduate students, and other professionals secure their jobs at MBBs. 

End-to-end preparation to land that consulting job. Whether you're at the beginning stage (1-2 cases) or are nearing the end of the finish line (interviews in the next 1-2 weeks), I'm here to help you.

- Overall profile review: discuss what to emphasize to bring out your strength as a candidate

- Fit questions overview: go over your fit question answers to build a coherent story as a strong candidate

- Actual MBB cases mock interviews: go over the key types of MBB cases. You can choose specific types (e.g., profitability, market sizing) to make sure you can excel in the interviews no matter what. 

This 1 hour is yours, tell me how I can help!


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