Former McK interviewer, PhD who successfully transitioned from Academia, received offers from McK/BCG/Bain
McKinsey & Company, Yale University
English, Polish
Poland (UTC +1)
$149 / hour
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PhD to consulting

Slawomir's Offers

Resume Review
  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
  • Send Slawomir your CV beforehand
  • Get detailed feedback and tips

My Approach


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My Approach
  • My Approach
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  • Q&A Contributions
  • Education & Profession
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I can offer coaching experience based on 3 pillars:

  1. Two years of experience as an McK Associate who received internal interviewer training and conducted multiple interviews
  2. Personal experience as an applicant who received offers from McK/BCG/Bain
  3. Academic Ph.D. researcher at Yale who trained with members of members Graduate Consulting Club

I am happy to help you with:

  • Practicing any part of the interview
  • Polishing your resume
  • Answering questions about consulting job/life in consulting

Slawomir is a CoachingPlus Expert

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