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Your journey:

Do you feel like you need to move a mountain to ace the MBB cases? Well, you are not alone! Think about this for a second – a lot of smart people coming from good schools read the Vault Guide, memorize Case in Point (at least once), attend case trainings, practice cases on their own, with friends, with real consultants, with the random guy at the gym, sometimes with anyone willing to listen! A lot of people know every framework and sometimes even the case before they see it.

However, on a typical day, 7/10 candidates will pass the case but not all will move on to the next stage. Why? Well some of it is human nature, consultants tend to choose based on relative perception. Some of it is MBB appeal– they can get strong candidates anytime. They don’t worry about the good enough candidates they didn’t pick. How do you stand out?

Surprisingly enough, it comes down to softer stuff. Solving cases can be easier once you solidify structured thinking and problem-solving. Everybody is doing that already. Those who appear to be naturals get prioritized because they appear to be more talented. They may not necessarily be more talented – 1/5 of them get outed within 18 months

I am here to help you create break into that 10% of candidates. We will do it by creating a personal style that enables you to solve them fast and feel comfortable at the same time. 

Why me:

Recruiting experience: I have been part of the recruiting teams in four different consulting firms (my own, boutique, mid, MBB) where I interviewed 200+ candidates over 12 years. First-hand experience and knowledge of the different dynamics in all stages of the process

Personalized approach: Most coaches will focus on memorizing frameworks and minimizing your weaknesses. That’s trying to fit you into a mold. Great strategy to pass the first round but MDs will spot that even before you enter the room. We need to identify and leverage the unique strengths to create your own personal brand. Most interviews are decided within the first 200 seconds

Coaching experience: I have been coaching 2 junior consultants since the beginning of my career. I also work with aspiring Olympic athletes to help them be ready for game day performances. My approach has been honed over years of working closely with top performers to understand how to make that 3% advantage that will make you stand out 


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