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Did you ever get the feedback "You are not showing your enthusiasm so much" or "You are too quiet" or "You should be more energetic"? With the current situation, these points get especially relevant for the decision between getting an offer and no offer. As a fellow introvert, I am here to help you ace your interviews, tailored to the feedback that an extrovert might never get.


No multi-step plan here, no BS approach, we take just as long as needed.

We do a first diagnostic session (discount applies on first-come-first-served basis), and find your strengths and weaknesses by doing a practice case. Based on that, I will be happy to draw on my mentoring experience and my own journey to give you the best hacks in order to fast-track your progress on this end.

Additionally, I will talk you through the interview process, and give you tailored advice on how to adjust to the specifics of the Germany & Austria system.

Further sessions will be based on a per-need basis where we focus on specific topics, such as particular case types or personal fit or specific preparation for BCG.

In my experience, usually after only a few sessions, my mentees show quick progress, and are set for their MBB interview!


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