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Strategy&| ex-interviewer | 40+ students coached |100% success @ MBB, S&, RB, LEK, OW | ex-engineer | TMT
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Cracking sizing, entry and profitability cases
Crash course in structured thinking and communication
Demonstrating fit based on how interviewers think

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Note: 24-hour crash course: I am available for a crash-course with 24hrs notice if you have secured a last-minute interview, or for reassuring practice the day before your interview.

Sessions not time-constrained - We'll work together until we've covered all the bases.


  • 3+ years at Strategy& (30+ cases in 15 countries across 7 sectors)
  • 3 consulting offers 
  • Successfully coached 35+ students, 100% success rate in offers from S& (Middle East, US, UK), + ATK, OW and RB.
  • 2+ yrs as a recruiter for grad-hiring; conducted 50+ case/fit interviews (Analyst to Manager level) – personally hired 4 people
  • Successfully transitioned from engineering to consulting
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajivpattni/


  • With nearly four years of recruiting experience, I have helped people get offers in different firms across various global offices
    • Having conducted a large number of case interviews during my time at S&, I will offer realistic mock interviews and impactful feedback 
  • From my experience, I saw many candidates, focussed too much on the frameworks/interview mechanics, instead of demonstrating a common-sense approach which interviewers prefer to see
    • I will teach you to solve cases based on logic and first-principles, but also to think creatively about the problem to be solved
  • My job is to ensure we holistically cover your all-round abilities – including unexpected questions / non-conventional cases to train you to deal with curveballs
    • We will also spend time on the fit portion of the interview. This is an area typically candidates under-emphasise!
  • This means I will develop a structured approach tailored to your needs and specific feedback
  • We will not be constrained to one hour and will ensure we cover all areas by the end of our session, so that you get tailoredcomprehensive and actionable feedback
  • All cases we will use are either (1) real cases based on my consulting projects or (2) cases I have given as an interviewer
  • After our session, I will be available via Email/WhatsApp/Phone for ad-hoc feedback or questions at no charge

Before our session

I’ll ask you to send your LinkedIn profile / CV and your assessment of your strengths and development areas. I will use this to develop a tailored session with specific cases to address your development points, a fit interview, a CV / cover letter optimisation session and Q&A at the end.

Example Session

  • Diagnostic:
    • A brief run-through of your objectives, previous cases you've done, and a quick test on fit (detailed fit interview later)
  • Full Mock Interview:
    • One or Two cases
    • Fit interview and behavioural questions
  • Feedback:
    • Detailed feedback assessing your self-reported strengths and weaknesses, highlighting development areas, and specific remedies
  • CV / Cover Letter optimisation:
    • This will be focussed on “how to tell a good story” and I will teach you to use certain specific phrases to build credibility. Some editing if necessary
  • Post-session
    • Following the session, I will share bespoke case materials from my own cases and my own interviews I have conducted
    • I will be available for ad-hoc Q&A over call / WhatsApp / email afterwards

The importance of the fit interview

Often, too little focus is placed on fit interview preparation. This is my area of expertise; I have helped 60+ students develop their story to sell a clear and consistent message to the interviewing firm. While we all have something unique to offer, it can be difficult to see it in ourselves - I can coach you to capture this personal brand and effectively market yourself. 


  1. A polished problem-solving approach
  2. The ability to nail cases without a framework
  3. Experience in how to demonstrate fit (most important) with behavioural questions
  4. A tailored CV / cover letter to create a compelling application
  5. A Mindset in how to think like a consultant
  6. Potential referrals to my network


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