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Dear visitor, I'm happy to help you land your top spot in consulting. I myself successfully completed the recruiting process not too long ago, so I know very well what you need to do to land your offer. There are six areas that are most important and with which I can help you: 1) Personal fit 2) Case studies 3) Paper and mental math 4) Estimation questions / market sizing 5) Brain teasers 6) Information on consulting and companies You decide what you'd like to cover. Generally, what works best are the following four settings: 1) Gain case interview experience: Full-hour case including feedback; two possible scenarios: 1) classic: you do the case and I give you feedback at the end, 2) guided: you do the case and I interrupt and give you feedback as you solve the case. 2) Gain personal fit experience: Full-hour personal fit questions including feedback. 3) Simulate a full interview: Personal fit + case. I recommend two hours for this so that we can make sure we cover all in detail. It is completely fine if you'd like to book only one hour, just be prepared that we will spend less time on feedback. In that case the focus is more on having an authentic experience rather than getting detailed feedback. 4) Focus on estimation questions / market sizing and/or brain teasers. Generally, I can also give you valuable advice on how to prepare for your interviews and tests. My experience: I gave more than 150 cases to people. Particularly well I know BCG, McKinsey, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Contrast Management Consulting (now EY) and Syngroup. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Best regards, Paul


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