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Former McKinsey consultant and experienced consulting interview coach

  • Thread.com, InnerSquare (management consulting recruitment firm), McKinsey & Company
  • English
  • United Kingdom
  • $189 / hour
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Top skills

  • Structuring and developing case frameworks
  • Communication in case interviews
  • Crafting stories for the personal experience / resume interview

My approach

I can help you land consulting jobs - both in putting together an effective application, and acing the interviews themselves. I worked at McKinsey for over two years, across Europe and North America, and saw how recruiting works from the inside. In addition to coaching and interviewing candidates, I worked on internal recruiting projects with leaders in the Firm, to figure out how we should best find and select candidates. This was a chance to see things from the 'other side of the fence', and sit in on the strategic decisions we made around how to go about hiring and evaluating candidates. I now screen and coach experienced hire candidates for the leading management consulting recruitment firm in the UK. We place several candidates in MBB firms every month, and coach candidates to help them succeed in getting there. Relevant points of my background include: * Have completed 150+ live or phone-based case interviews * Achieved one of the highest feedback scores on the Evisors platform, averaging 97 /100 (I'm still new to PL) * Understand how the major firms interview now, not several years in the past, and know the latest interview approaches I have a particular strength in coaching experienced hires, who are the group I primarily help with my face-to-face coaching in London.


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The University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Humanities, social sciences

Professional Experience

Head of Operations
2014 - now
InnerSquare (management consulting recruitment firm)
Candidate coach
2013 - now
McKinsey & Company
2011 - 2014


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