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Increasing net worth of Johnny Depp

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Case Prompt

Johnny Depp, now 56 years old, has started to feel that his acting career is about to get over. His net worth crossed over $650 million at the peak of his career but has since dwindled, amid lawsuits and lifestyle expenses. As such, he thinks that his current wealth might not be enough for his upcoming years. So, he’s hired you as a consultant to help him find ways to multiply his worth. What can you suggest?

Warm-up questions

Existing Businesses

1. What are the client's existing businesses?

Asset Classes

2. What are the asset classes that the client is interested in exploring?

Potential Businesses

3. Let's develop a long list of potential businesses - what are some of the potential businesses where the client can best leverage his brand?

Pressure Test Suggestions

After initial 3-4 ideas, the interviewer shall pressure test the candidate's suggestions. For example, would investing in F-1 or soccer clubs in Europe effectively leverage the Depp brand?

Concrete Suggestion

The interviewer shall push the candidate to come up with concrete suggestions and take one of the suggestions to discuss rationale. For example, ask if the suggestion is to invest in a sports team, ask the candidate to explain the rationale.

More Suggestions

Pressure test candidate to come up with an even longer list of suggestions in quick succession.

Shortlist Criterion

4. What will be the criterion to come up with a shortlist for suggestions?

Most Relevant Shortlisting Criterion

The long list of suggestions is interesting. What in your view are the most relevant shortlisting criterion for the client?

Top Businesses

Using the shortlisted criterion, which are the top 3-4 potential businesses as per candidate, where further deep dive can be conducted?

Further Questions

1) Out of the suggestions, choose an idea that you think is worth investing in. Prepare a pitch to convince the client to invest in it.

2) Choose an idea that you think is totally ridiculous. Imagine that the client is very bullish on this idea. Convince him not to invest in it.

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