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Music Streaming - Market Sizing

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Case Prompt

Your friend is an aspiring artist and is asking for your consulting advise on a problem that he has been struggling with. Your friend (the artist) is trying to understand how many hours people listen to the number one music streaming platform (the one with the green logo) in total and on average per year. How would you approach this problem to help your friend answer his question?

Question 1

How would you structure this problem?

Question 2

Using your structure, can you estimate the number of hours listened to Spotify on average per month?

Question 3

What variables is your analysis most sensitive to?

Question 4

If your friend wants to earn €2000 per month from royalties on this platform, how many streams does he need per year?

Question 5

Is it realistic for an average artist to achieve this?

Question 6

If your friend asks you about the conclusion you made, what would you tell him?

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