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Case Prompt

Our client is a leading TV/film studio. They are concerned about the part of their business that provides post-production services internally as well as externally.

The profits of this division have stagnated in the recent time.
Your task is to find ways to increase the profitability of the business.

Sample Structure

I. Background

I. Background – Question 1: What could be the major issues for each business unit?

II. Strategies – Question 2: What improvements could be necessary to increase sales and profits?

II. Strategies – Question 3: What indicators would you use for recommendations?

III. Profitability – Question 4: What would you suggest for each business unit given the following information?

IV. Conclusion – Question 5: What is your recommendation to your client about increasing the profitability of its divisions?

Further Questions

What could be risks concerning the closing/selling of a division?

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