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Case Prompt

Your client, Fairway, is a manufacturer and supplier of golf balls.

The company is acting globally in almost every market.

They are now planning to expand to Portugal, but they do not have any information about the market there.

Portugal is a small country in western Europe with a population of 11 million people.

The CEO wants to know if they should enter the market and how they should do it.

Sample Structure

I. Background - Question 1

1. How would you analyze the market and approach the strategic issues of the market?

II. Market - Question 2

2. Instead of using salespeople, what other ways can you think of to enter the market?

II. Market - Question 3

3. How would you calculate the market size of golf balls in Portugal?

III. Costs - Question 4

4. Based on the provided data, would it be feasible to enter the market?

IV. Conclusion - Question 5

5. If you have to report to the CEO right now, what would you tell him/her?

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Further Questions

What are the biggest assumptions made for estimating the market demand in this case?

Note for Interviewer

If the interviewee solves the case very quickly, you can come up with more challenging questions to ask them.

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