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Expert case by Ben

ProfitWizardry: Maximizing Hogwarts University's Magical Margins

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Case Prompt

Your client is Hogwarts University. Their President, Dr. Albus Dumbledore, is concerned with the university’s profitability and needs your help in determining the best course of action.

Q1.) How would you structure your approach to solve the case for Dr. Dumbledore?

Q2.) Given the five year enrollment information in Exhibit 1, what do you believe to be the cause?

Q3.) Given the current financial situation, Dr. Albus Dumbledore wants to know how many more students need to be admitted to breakeven? 

Q4.) Given the interests of U.K. students seen in Exhibit 3, which program(s) should Hogwarts University pursue?

Q5). What factors should Hogwarts University consider in pursuing a new program?

Q6.) Dr. Albus Dumbledore is ready for your final recommendation, what do you conclude Hogwarts should do?

Times solved
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