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Expert case by Tan

Overseas Market Growth - 1st Round BCG Type

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Case Prompt

The client is an Indonesian producer of paper boards which can be further processed into paper boxes, shopping bags, etc. They sell in both their domestic market i.e. Indonesia, and in the export market i.e. the US. Revenue last year was $5 billion, with 80% from Indonesia and 20% from the US. Overall they have been growing at 3% annually. 

The client wants to achieve a 5% growth rate in the next 1-2 years. With the resource constraint they have, they want to focus on one of the two markets. They want to know which market they should go after to achieve that increase in growth rate, and how.

Part 1 - “Where to play”

Part 2 - “How to win”

The client has been trying to grow their business in the US faster but so far made not much progress. “The client wants you to help them understand what went wrong and how to fix it?”

Part 3 - Conclusion

Now it should be pretty straightforward what the client could do to improve their business and grow faster in the US market. 

Assuming you have been working on this case for a few weeks, and now you need to give an update to the BoD. What would you tell them?

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