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Perpetual motion

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Case Prompt

After a congress about general science in which you took part out of personal interest, a renowned scientist comes to talk to you. He swears he invented the world’s first perpetual motion apparatus. It requires no energy source and keeps running forever. It can even turn a small fan with its motion.

The scientist asks you in which markets he can monetize the invention and how much money he could make in Europe in the first year.

Sample Structure

I. Technology

II. Application

III. Revenue

IV. Conclusion

Further Questions

What would be your 30-second-elevator Pitch to try to sell the idea to Warren Buffet?

How would you price the energy produced with this new technology? And how would this change over time?

Note for Interviewer

More questions to be added by you, interviewer!

At the end of the case, you will have the opportunity to suggest challenging questions about this case (to be asked for instance if the next interviewees solve the case very fast).

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