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Written case presentation with Alvarez and Marsal



I have a written case study presentation for role in A&M's corporate performance improvement team in 2 days, does anyone have experience of doing these? How best to prepare, and if theyre similar to BCG and Bain written cases?


replied on 07/30/2018
Consultant at A.T. Kearney | Part of campus recruitment & coaching core team| Coached 75+ candidates converting McK, BCG, ATK


Having interviewed with Alvarez and Marsal in the past, I think I can help you with some specifics here. I will try and combine other experiences to guide you in the preparation:

1. Principles are the same: The basic principles of structuring and problem-solving remain the same. Solve the case using the methods that you have learnt till now. Since you mentioned the role is in the corporate performance improvement team - it is most likely a value enhancement case (I may be wrong here). Think in terms of the metrics provided in the case - these will be your objective functions. If it doesn't say anything (totally open-ended case), look at revenue increase and cost optimization as major buckets (of course with detailed drill-downs). Additionally, you might want to brush-up your financial concepts as their cases usually involve some bit of valuation or go/no-go decision (I got one such case along with profit maximization clubbed together).

2. Presentation and packaging: This is where it gets very different from the traditional cases. You have one shot at explaining your thought process. Moreover, since you have time, you will be expected to be rigorous and structured. A&M does a lot of due diligence projects for its Clients. Hence, you could differentiate yourself by packaging it as a "commercial due diligence" exercise (definitely read up on what is a commercial due diligence at A&M). You should be crisp, structured along a thought-process (basic profit structures or a due-diligence structure - whichever suits you) and decisive in your recommendations. Prepare a clear brief note with your structure and recommendations.

3. Questions: Be ready to defend your logic with confidence (not arrogance/defensive). They might grill you on your assumptions so have them ready at hand.

All being said, the written cases are usually very simple with some quantitative (Finance based) and mostly qualitative (typical MBB case-study) aspects. Read the case carefully at least twice before forming any structure in your mind. This will ensure that you don't assume something which is not explicitly said in the case brief.

Let me know if you need any other help with A&M preparation. All the best!

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