Why consulting?

Anonymous A asked on Sep 17, 2019 - 17 answers

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Anonymous D replied on Sep 22, 2019

1. Consulting job is extremely relevant to business school education. It is sort of waste not to apply the business acumen we honed in b-school into any other type of job;

2. Consulting enables people to handle various type of businesses. You'll never get bored easily with such a steep learning curve, or, should I say, learning curves;

3. Consulting offers unlimited career possibilities as a great launchboard, the analytical skills and sector insights might get updated one day, but the problem solving approach, once mastered, is highly transferrable.

My immediate thoughts: these answers are condescending (1), lecturing (2) and selfish (3). I understand what you're going towards but try rewording in the context of the employer's values or job description req's, then put in some examples. — Radu on Oct 12, 2019 (edited)

replied on Oct 05, 2019
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This is one of the most frequently asked questions. The response to this question is quite generic, but it works all the time. When I interviewed with MBB, this is how I answered the question and you can follow a similar logic:

I focused on the fact that I was a recent graduate who did not know what to specialize in, in terms of industries (e.g. healthcare, consumer goods, retail, etc.) or functional topics (e.g., finance, HR, strategy, digital, etc.). Thus I emphasized that I wanted to get into consulting to better understand what I am passionate about by working on a different set of projects.

Moreover, I also mentioned that the skillset that I will acquire in consulting (e.g., team management, time management, client management) would be applicable anywhere I go next.

Lastly, I also highlighted the opportunity to take up significant responsibilities in the early stages of my career, as it is rare to find someone who is in his/her mid-20s sit on the same table with key industry leaders and make recommendations to them.



Anonymous C replied on Sep 19, 2019

two of the most important things to me are continued learning and creating real-world impact. while research has the ability to achieve both, consulting provides me with an opportunity to delve into industries, problems, and technology that i'm not yet familiar with, in a highly-collaborative environment--something that academic research often falls short on. creating impacts that i can see unfold before my eyes has been the most rewarding experience of all, which all have come from my consulting experiences. it is much more motivating than uncovering an interesting research result that may or may not be impactful

Anonymous E replied on Sep 25, 2019

3 reasons

1. Intellect of my coworkers

2. Tackling complex challenges in a variety of different industries

3. Continuously learning

Anonymous F updated his answer on Oct 01, 2019

For several reasons, the most important ones:

  • The fulfilment I get while helping clients with their business challenge
  • The exposure to the various projects, industries and/or sectors
  • The problem solving spirit of the task


Carmen replied on Nov 05, 2019

Create Opportunities, make an impact, learn and work with brilliant people

Ma'in replied on Oct 16, 2019

I have been working in Consulting for the past 4 years. I love working across different business sectors, solve critical issues that span organizations, and enable organisations with the power of tech.

Tom replied on Sep 24, 2019

I´ve always been curious about everything, so trying out different project engamgemnts can really satisfy my need for change and curiosity by simultainiously test my creative problem sovling

Anonymous B replied on Sep 18, 2019

because i enjoy solving problems

Anonymous H replied on Nov 06, 2019

I want to work with large companies and solve problems. I like how every day is different and there is a wide variety of work in the consulting industry.

Lea replied on Oct 26, 2019

Never ending learning curve


exposition to the client and senior

Antoine replied on Oct 17, 2019

Working in consulting is the best way to pursue a generalistic and complete business formation within excellent teams which works with top management staff from the very various companies the firm may work with, to work within a dynamic and demanding environment and finally to tbenefit from the international and mobile characteristic of the assignments.

Anonymous G replied on Oct 14, 2019

- solve different types of problems for clients

- collaborate with representatives from international companies

- help companies achieve the best results in the long run

Aiste replied on Oct 11, 2019

Collaborative environment, exoansidng my intellectual capacity with endless learning opportunities, achieving real change

Lala replied on Oct 09, 2019


b replied on Oct 06, 2019

Personal growth and development

Omar replied on Sep 28, 2019

i like the idea of consulting since it uses logic

didnt like my major