Who do you need as your 'right hand'?

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New answer on Sep 23, 2022
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 18, 2019

How would you answer this question in your Personal Fit interview? Receive feedback on your answer and browse through the Q&As to review the approaches of other applicants and experts.

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replied on Aug 15, 2020
Associate at Kearney, with 6+ years of industry experience and an entrepreneurship backbone. Passionate about coaching & feedback

Good question.

I always state, prior to responding, that personal fit questions are more important to the applicant than to the firm. One must always be genuine with their answers because it's critical that you work at a firm that is aligned with your own values, work style, approach to teamwork, and standards.

Personally, I would want a right hand that challenges me: (a) to think more logically and with more depth (b) to see different perspectives (c) to complement my skillsets. At the same time, I would like a person that's very positive and has an attitude of 'everything is achievable and possible' yet in a pragmatic way. Not a dreamer, but a person with a positive attitude that does not fear creative ideas.


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Anonymous B replied on Jun 16, 2022

My best friends during my studies have been my “right hand(s)” and vice versa as we sense-check much of our perceptions and plans with each other. For instance, whenever one of us has a challenging situation in a project team, the other two will help brainstorm ways to handle the situation effectively.

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Sylvia replied on Sep 11, 2021

Excel profi

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Wael replied on Sep 23, 2022

A sparing partner. 

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Christopher replied on Aug 16, 2022

Someone who will challenge me and I them in return. Someone who knows we have a goal to accomplish and we can work collaboratively to achieve the goal. 

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Sam replied on Aug 12, 2022

My right hand is my iPhone as it contains my podcasts and audible library; both of which are integral to my working processes and relaxation. They often act as a stimulant during periods of remote working, and the diversity of podcasts I now listen to are often motivating in their own right, and also educate me on aspects of my industry and the geopolitical climate associated with it that I would otherwise remain largely ignorant of. 

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Rakan gave the best answer


Associate at Kearney, with 6+ years of industry experience and an entrepreneurship backbone. Passionate about coaching &
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