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Which big four firm is the most prestigous worldwide (for management consulting)?

Anonymous A

How do they compare globally?

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Francesco replied on 04/09/2017
#1 Expert for coaching sessions (1700+) | Ex BCG | 850+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate

Hi Anonymous,

The notion of prestige is debatable, but assuming it refers to the general perception of the brand, the only two firms with a strong consulting brand between the Big 4 are Deloitte thanks to the acquisition of Monitor (merged also as a brand name) and PwC thanks to the acquisition of Booz (not merged as a brand name), as also mentioned by Julien. Before such acquisition, Deloitte had already a consulting arm. The general perception of the two firms is therefore generally based on the following:

  1. Booz was generally considered stronger than Monitor;
  2. Strategy& is branded separated from PwC, while Monitor is not from Deloitte;
  3. Deloitte did have a consulting arm before the acquisition, while PwC did not.

The first two elements support PwC while the latter Deloitte, so you will probably find people who will consider Strategy&/PwC superior and others that will consider Monitor/Deloitte superior as of today. This in general terms; at local level, things could be perceived differently, and in certain geographies PwC/Strategy would be considered definitely better than Monitor/Deloitte, and the other way round.

At the following link you can also find a comparison between the different firms based on some other criteria. In their review, they put Deloitte as top for consulting, but since the Strategy& brand is separated from PwC, that’s again debatable:


Besides an analysis of prestige, I think it could also be useful for you to consider exit opportunities (in many countries, consultants stay 2-3 years, so that’s not such a remote option even if you are still considering where to go). The simplest thing to analyse that would be to take a look to LinkedIn and check which have been the exit paths for people coming from Strategy& and Monitor Deloitte in your target geography.

Hope this helps,


Julien replied on 04/09/2017


Recently, the Big Four started acquiring major management consulting firms, e.g well established Booz acquired by PwC to form Strategy& and Monitor acquired by Deloitte.

I would say these two management consulting firms are the most prestigious amongst the big Four. Time will tell if Strategy& will become number 4 again or if the acquisition will fail...

Hope I partially answered your question

Alv7777 replied on 06/18/2018

I agree with my peers that Strategy& and Monitor are a level ahead from the rest of divisions within the Big Four. However, still a bit behind from Tier 2 firms (Accenture Strategy, OW, ATK, Ronald Berger).


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