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Which are target universities for MBB consulting? (Europe or English speaking countries)

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Recent activity on Jul 11, 2017
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Anonymous A asked on Jul 06, 2017

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replied on Jul 11, 2017
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Hi Anonymous,

the best thing you can do to identify the top universities for MBB is to actually check MBB consultants in a target region on LinkedIn and see which universities they attended; looking at new hires, in particular, you will be able to identify recent trends that may not be reported elsewhere yet.

While analysing different countries, you will notice different criteria for recruiting: while in most of continental Europe MBB hire only from Business and Engineering schools, in UK and US they also hire from a more diverse background (eg History and Philosophy) so far that the university has a top brand.

In terms of specific names, I can share my experience in Italy, where recruiting is done primarily in Bocconi, Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino.

Hope this helps,


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Anonymous updated the answer on Jul 07, 2017

In order to answer at the best to this question, it would be useful to know what your background so far is. As I understand, you are on the process of deciding which University to attend. But are you talking about Bachelor, Master, MBA, ...?

As a very general reference, if you are looking for a business education, you can just check which are the top Universities according FT Rankings:


Business Schools in Europe:

Master in Management:

Talking instead about non-business education, any quantitative background, such as engineering or physics, is usually highly appreciated. To this regards, I would say that, at an international level, it matters a bit less which University you´re coming from and each country has its own most wellknown Universities.

Last but not least, MBB Firms look for diversity. Therefore it´s not uncommon to find in a McKinsey office a consultant whose background is, for example, Litterateur, Philosophy or even Medicine!


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