What was the most interesting case you’ve ever encountered during an interview?

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#1 Lesson here: Most of my cases were unique and NOT "typical" cases. You should really be prepared for any scenario!

Probably the most interesting was a public sector case where they had to improve internet connectivity for rural towns (native/local populations) in really remote places of the country (think deserts, few roads etc). We had to figure out how to best optimize for this with significant cost considerataions BUT a government mandate to serve the people.

Not a typical case at all :)


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replied on Oct 05, 2020
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When I interviewed at McKinsey, they were helping the Bhutan government accelerate economic development (it has been publicly announced so this is not confidential information). One of my interview questions was around how to think about this problem and the factors to look at. I personally thought that it was a really interesting case and a problem I wanted to work on myself!

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Hi there,

In the first round at an MBB, the Partner (yes I interviewed with 2 Partners in the 1st round) gave me an unconventional case in agriculture and asked me to crack it in 2 different languages (including one which is a dialect). This Partner was not super fluent in this dialect and was still challenging me on the case. Fortunately, it ended up going well and I received the offer to join them.


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