What questions should I ask at the end?

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Anonymous A asked on Jul 08, 2019

Applying for Mckinsey Digital

I dont want to ask at the end of the interview typical questions

Could you give me some good questions to interact at the end and show interest on the company and on the industry?

Thanks in advance

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replied on Jul 08, 2019
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The main objective is to have a good conversation and highlight your intellectual capacity and curiosity. Thus:

It is ok to ask:

  • Questions that cause positive emotions and highlight consulting pros (e.g. Mck people)
  • Questions on the topics you are excited about (e.g. data science)
  • Non-business questions (e.g. team retreats)
  • Questions re industries / functions (I recommend checking MBB web-sites for the articles and use them as inspiration)

It's not ok to ask:

  • Questions that can cause negative emotions (e.g. work hours)
  • Information you should learn before the interview (e.g. typical career path)
  • Questions that may show that you are unfamiliar with consulting work (Like are you specialized in strategy or operations?)

Be prepared and good luck!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 06, 2020

Hi A,

It is always good to ask some clarifying questions at the end of the interview. I would say, it is even necessarily sometimes, otherwise you may misunderstand or miss something.

Actually, clarifying questions are divided into 3 types:

1. Questions that clarify the objective of the case interview

  • What is the measurable metric of success?

  • What is the time frame?

  • What are potential restrictions or limitations?

2. Questions that help you understand more about the company and its objectives

  • Questions about company's business model

  • Questions about products and services

3. Questions clarifying some terms that you are unfamiliar with

It is likely, that you don't have specialized knowledge at ther start and it is quite ok to ask the interviewer for the definition.



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