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What opportunities to grow do I have at DHLC?

New answer on May 04, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on May 02, 2020

Dear DHL Consulting

Could you elaborate more on the opportunities to grow at DHLC? What experiences have you made? Is there mentorship? Moreover, what are opportunities to grow after DHLC in terms of exit options?

Any answer is highly appreciated, thank you in advance

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Maximilian replied on May 04, 2020
Senior Consultant & Assignment Manager at DHL Consulting

Hi there!

DHLC has a typical consulting pyramid – from bottom to top: Associate Consultant, Consultant, Senior Consultant, Project Manager, Associate Partner, and Partner.

On average it takes 24 (first three job levels) and respectively 30 (later job levels) months to move to the next job level. Furthermore, we have a “soft up or out” policy. However, if there is the case of “out” we actively support finding a fitting job at our parent group DPDHL.

You can expect a steep learning curve from the very start. Additionally, you can except to lead projects quite early starting as Senior Consultant with ~2.5 – 3 years of experience. Throughout your career at DHLC you will have one mentor (PD, Personal Developer) which is usually one of the Partners from your office. Your PD discusses with you on a regular level (every 2-4 weeks) your personal performance, training needs (you have 10 training days per year), career development and opportunities, and any other topic of interest.

Therefore, you can climb up the career ladder within DHLC or decide to leave at any point in time towards a position within the DPDHL group. As our parent group is a huge, worldwide company, there are plenty of job opportunities on all levels (from Expert to Vice President) throughout the different divisions and departments.

Kind regards

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