What is the weight of Boeing 747?

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Rishabh asked on Apr 01, 2018

Taking airplane is empty.

Weight overall = Body weight + Wheel Weight

NO of wheels in 747 is 18


Body weight = volume of airplane * density

Can someone tell me the proper approach to this Guesstimate?

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This question is more a brainteaser and it's less about the actual weight but rather about how you will measure it.

You can use both non-creative and creative approaches:

1) You can weight each part of the plain separately: wheels, chairs, etc. Don't forget the paint

2) You can recommend tying a rope around the plane’s midsection, throwing that rope over a rafter at the top of the hangar and then attaching the other end of the rope to a large platform onto which you will quickly load bricks of a known and pre-defined weight until the plane lifts off the ground and then all you need to do is count the bricks.



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Rishabh on Apr 02, 2018

So for the first approach, for the weight of wings and circular body...how do we proceed.


Rishabh on Apr 02, 2018

can nyone tell me the assumption for area of wing mid and back both

Timo on Apr 02, 2018

So the first question to the interviewer should be wether to calculate/estimate or measure the weight. Correct?

Rishabh on Apr 02, 2018

yeah...so how do we estimate everything

replied on Apr 02, 2018
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I think your approach is fine, but would augment by dividing the non empty volume in categories of materials (aluminium, foam, plastic) to be more precise.

Hope it helps,


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