What is the position Location Analyst at McKinsey

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Anonymous A asked on Nov 26, 2019

Hi. I thought I was interviewing for the business analyst position at McKinsey, as I am a recent undergrad with 2,5 years of working experience, but received an offer as a Location Analyst.

Do you know what this position is like? I understand that it is a previous step before BA, but I'm not sure how many years you are supposed to be in this position before going to BA and afterward pursuing an MBA (Which is my final goal).

I would appreciate it if anybody can give me some information about this. Thanks!

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McKinsey | BCG | CERN| University of Cambridge

Hello there,

These pre-Business Analyst role are typical in certain regions, particularly developing nations. It is geared primarily for recent undergraduates. They come with different names across different countries. For example in Indonesia, they are known as Consulting Analyst, while in Thailand, it is known as BA Intern.

Generally, one is expected to stay in the role between 6-12 months. You will be evaluated after the first 6 months, on whether you are on track to be promoted to Business Analyst role. If yes, great, then you are becoming a BA effectively in 1 month. If not, then you will have another 6 months to be promoted to BA, after which, if you are still deemed not on track, your contract with the Firm will be terminated.

It is considered to be a temporary role within the Firm. You'll ony become a full-time employee when you become a BA. There were some benefits such as insurance and internal email address that were not given, albeit recently, the role has been given such facilities as well.

Your responsibilites are exactly similar to a BA. Hence, displaying exceptional performance is still a requirement to be promoted to BA. The only visible difference is on your remuneration package.

Most other regions don't have these roles, hence confusions often occurs even internally.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,



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replied on Nov 27, 2019
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