What is the effect of Covid19 on the hiring of entry level consultants?

New answer on Apr 29, 2020
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Salman asked on Apr 28, 2020

I know DHL Consulting is carrying out the assessment center virtually but is it more hard to get in now? Generally there are less projects in the market and hence companies have cut or slowed down their hiring process. Is it more hard now for people to get the job at DHL Consulting as well? Would the starting dates be later this year for fresh hires or one can start asap?

Thanks alot for the opportunity to let us ask you guys first hand.

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Maximilian replied on Apr 29, 2020
Senior Consultant & Assignment Manager at DHL Consulting

Hi Salman,

Short answer: No!

We are still hiring as usual and there is no impact on potential starting dates for new joiners (full time, consulting career jobs).

Unfortunately, we already filled all our available intern positions until the end of the year 2020.

Kind regards

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