What can I expect from a group exercise within the Bayer Recruiting Day?

Anonymous A asked on Aug 02, 2017 - 2 answers

I got an invitation for the recruiting day at Bayer Business Consulting. The schedule for the day includes besides a biographical and case interview a group exercise as well as a presenation case. I have an idea about the former, however, the latter is new to me. Hence, I was curious, what hides behind the the group exercise and the presenation case (which has 15 min of preparation.

Thanks in advance!

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Anonymous B updated her answer on Oct 23, 2018

I would like to share my interviewing experience at the BC recruiting day and give some tips so future candidates can be better prepared:

  1. The group exercise: There will be up to 4 candidates. Each Group members gets about 15 pages of preparation material and 45 min to read and prepare the case. In my case there was a company described almost exactly as the Bayer Company, but this fictitious company had a bunch of problems. The task in the preparation time was to choose 2 lighthouse projects from a list of 6 projects that would solve the company’s problems. The twist was that we could choose one project freely, but the second project was given and mandatory in the preparation materials (and different for every candidate). After the preparation time they bring in about five people that will observe the group discussion. In the group discussion the group has to decide on two projects and present them together. They want to see that you are a leader, do not make the mistake of being a team player assuring that every team member can show a good performance, because they will interpret this negatively. Only mind your own performance.
  2. The case: There will be too different case interviews. The “normal” case and the presentation case interview. Both are a form of the Mckinsey-style interview. At Mckinsey you will get a case introduction and a question that you answer. Next you will get more information and again another question. At BC you will get all the information up front and all the questions and then you will be asked to prepare the case on your own. In the “normal” case they give you about 10 min to prepare while they sit there and observe you. In the presentation case you get about 25 min to prepare, then the leave the room and afterwards you are asked to present the whole case. There were always two interviewers in room during all the interviews.

I hope this helps future candidates!


Anonymous replied on Oct 03, 2017


Guess you have had your interview by now and hope it went well!

Would you mind sharing your experience with me? Any information esp. regarding the group exercise and the presentation case is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!


Hello, i will he having the same Recruiting Day that you mentioned, next week. Do you mind giving me some advice? Thank you very much — Virginia on Oct 31, 2017

Any info on this appreciated! Thanks — D on Jul 11, 2018 (edited)