What are the downsides of the current situation for DHLC?

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Anonymous A asked on May 01, 2020

How do you estimate the impact corona crisis has on DHL/C? What are the downsides right now and in the future for the business?

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Ksenia replied on May 07, 2020
Senior Consultant

Hi there!

As Max has already mentioned, our business has not experienced a dramatic negative impact due to the Covid19 pandemic. Moreover, we as a DHL Consulting are using this situation to further digitalize the way we work. In fact, we started a project aiming to promote collaboration during corona, which covers a broad set of topics, such as virtual project management, informal communication, trainings and recruiting. We have identified multiple ways to efficiently manage these areas remotely and are going to implement lessons learned going forward to foster modern and digital ways of working.

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Maximilian replied on May 04, 2020
Senior Consultant & Assignment Manager at DHL Consulting

Hi there!

So far, we do not really feel the impact.

As our mother company DPDHL is highly diversified, it is not hit as badly by the crisis as other companies. Hence, we have many projects to work on and our utilization is on target. However, we are also investing in business development and looking for new project opportunities as nobody knows how and how long this crisis will continue.

On a personal level, we are mostly impacted by the fact that most colleagues work from home. Therefore, we miss seeing our colleagues and the direct - non virtual - interaction in the office.

Kind regards

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