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Very First Interview @SKP

Anonymous A


I'm new to preplounge and wondered if there are any cases that are a good fit for an interview at Simon-Kucher & Partners (for an internship). They send me an invitation and it says something like:

-2x 1h interviews with brainteasers and case studies

-prepare a short presentation on 1) a product you think has a good marketing strategy and explain why and 2) why simon-kucher

So I already know how to answer 2) and would consider myself as pretty good at brainteasers but I have never done a Case. In addition to that, I only have 3 days left to prepare.

What preparation ways would you recommend? I thought about:

1. start with beginner cases on pricing and marketing (SKP)

2. what do I need to know about pricing and marketing (important basics?)

3. move on to regular level cases

4. if time, try to solve and read some advanced cases

Maybe someone here has experiences with SKP Internship Interviews? The Interview is in the cologne office, Germany.

Thank you and have a nice evening!

replied on 06/06/2018
Bain & Company | University of Cambridge | CV/Resume writing | 770 GMAT

If you have very little time to prep, I would try start with the basics of approaching cases rather than trying to learn specifics about pricing cases. A good place to start is to read Case In Point and Victor Cheng's "Case interview secrets". If you send me a private message I can send you some notes on these which will be easier to read quickly.