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Anonymous D asked on Aug 24, 2021


Which tier 2 consulting companies hire PhDs ? and which ones have a generalist consulting track? 

I know Roland Berger does. I want to try applying to other than MBB consulting firms. I came across many profiles on LinkedIn with PwC or Strategy & experience prior to MBA/MBB. but on their website I see more MBA positions and I do not see a generalist track like MBB.

Does anyone know anything about Siemens Consulting?


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Hey there,

Most consulting firms hire PhDs and all have a generalist track. These two are not mutually exclusive and PhDs are hired as generalists all the time.

If you want to be sure and discuss your specific situation, reach out to HR of the firms you are interested in and clarify. 

Siemens Consulting, as an engineering company, for sure is also looking for PhDs!



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I believe that most consulting firms are interested in hiring PhDs - generally you should be able to apply for Associate-level positions that are aimed at MBAs, and there is often a particular track for candidates coming from an academic background (ie. you work with different recruiters, have a specific training program upon hiring, etc.). It seems like you are interested in the generalist track, but if you would also be interested in something closer to your specialty, you could take a look at expert tracks, applying to specific practice groups, and/or boutique consultancies that specialize in a particular industry. I'd recommend doing some research and reaching out to HR at any particular companies you would like to apply to where you aren't sure which position you should apply for given your experience.


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