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Strategy& interview experiences

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Recent activity on Oct 24, 2017
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Anonymous A asked on Oct 22, 2017

Hello PL community!

In a few weeks I have my interview with Strategy&.

As far as I know it consists of

  • two one hour one-on-one interviews with a case each and personal fit questions
  • presentation: case with 25mins prep time and 10 mins presentation time.

So my questions to you are:

  1. are the case interviews interviewee or interviewer led?
  2. Any special tipps for the presentation case or tips/experiences in general?

Please let me know!

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updated an answer on Oct 24, 2017
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Anonymous B replied on Oct 24, 2017


I can give you some further info on the interview process with Strategy&:

As you said you will have 2 case interviews. Each will take about 60 mins --> 15-20mins personal fit, 30-40mins case, 5-10mins you can ask questions. If you have the interview in germany, one of them will be in English, one in German. Cases are usually interviewee led

Then presentation as you mentioned. You will have to show your ability to get the most important info out of a bunch of data, so get an overview over all the material you have and have a structured and FOCUSED approach to present your flipchart.

If you pass this round in the afternoon another case interview will follow, same structure as above. Then you will have an interview with a partner, this can be a case or just a chit-chat.

I hope this helps! Good luck for the interview!

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Riccardo gave the best answer


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