Share 3-month consultingcase 101 account with a fraction of cost

Yang asked on Mar 06, 2019 - 4 answers
Ex-Uber, Current work in China's Tech company's oversea market, look for consulting jobs.

Hi guys,

I have a 3-month consultingcase101 account starting from 06-Mar-2019. I would like to share the account with anyone who's interested with $30 only (Original price $126). Send me an email to y*** if you need it and you are serious to share.


4 answers

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Tran Minh Nhan replied on May 28, 2019

Hi Yang,

I am a new commer and really want to have a premium account but is in short of cash.

May i have a share of the account with you ? I'll pay my share

Thanks in advance

hi are you still looking for sharer? — Roy on Oct 03, 2019

CR replied on May 31, 2019

Hey pls hit me up if this is still an option

I have membership available, let me know if interested. — Anonymous A on Jun 30, 2019

I am interested. — Duc Vu on Aug 22, 2019

Ivan replied on Mar 18, 2019

Hi, is it still possible to get a share of an account?

Anonymous A replied on Mar 11, 2019

Hi Yang, I would be interested to share it. Are you still looking for someone ?

if anyone is interested in consultingcase101 membership, shoot me a message. — Anonymous B on Jun 30, 2019

I am interested, can you send me some details? — Duc Vu on Aug 22, 2019