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Accenture Strategy second round interview
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Anonymous A asked on Apr 17, 2019

Hi all,

I will have my second round interview at Accenture Strategy next week in Switzerland. Is there anyone who has recently been interviewed at Accenture Strategy who could tell me what kind of cases I should mainly focus on while practicing? Or maybe just let me know what type of case you had in your second round interview with a Manager?

Thank you! :)

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replied on Apr 20, 2019
BCG | Kellogg MBA |82% Success rate| 450+ case interview| 5+ year consulting | 30+ projects in ~10 countries

You can expect to have relatively easier cases compared to MBB. However, it does not mean that it will not be competitive. My recommendation would be not focusing on specific case type but approaching this with a more holistic perspective and focusing more on the logic of problem-solving. Happy to discuss in detail.



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Anonymous B replied on Apr 17, 2019

Hey! I also applied for an internship in the DACH region.

My cases were solely market sizing:

- How many babies are born in china every year?

- How many winter tires were sold in 2018?

- ...

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replied on Apr 17, 2019
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


In general, the interviews at Accenture are not that structured:

  • No clear guidelines for cases, so the case depends on the interviewer
  • 60% chance that it will be marketsizing
  • 40% chance - profitability and general frameworks
  • Interviewers are less demanding than at Big3. unless you meet an ex-big3 consultant as an interviewer
  • For fit I would prepare: Story about yourself; Why consulting; Why Accenture; Leadership; Team work; Your questions to the interviewer


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