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Anonymous A asked on Sep 28, 2018


Was wondering if anyone has some infos on Roland Berger in Dubai. Was thinking especially what the office culture is like, what the main projects and tasks at the moment are, and what the general impression is.

Would be happy to get some insights. Thanks!

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replied on Feb 08, 2019
BCG | F500 Strategy | Ex-OW FS Consultant | Booth MBA

One of my collegues at OW Dubai was ex-RB so happy to provide some perspective.

Overall they are a well regarded shop in Dubai. Unlike MBB and OW in the Middle East, they do quite a bit of non-public sector work. Clients mostly include big manufacturing companies and oil & gas. RB could be a good place if you want to get staffed across the Middle East [MBBs you will find tend to me more KSA centric].

I haven't heard many positives on the office culture. Being a smaller shop, projects tend to have very lean staffings, resulting in longer hours and high pressure. Given the non-public sector work, the project budgets also tend to be squeezed and as such perks are definately not as nice as the other top-tier consultancies.

Hope that helps.

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