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Anonymous A asked on Sep 03, 2017

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding resume pages. Does it have to be 1 page? Even if you are experienced in industry? Can we make it 2 pages if we have some publications? Does it make the resume better or not to include publications and make the resume 2 page?


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Anonymous B replied on Sep 04, 2017


If you have publications and extended industry experience, 2 pages is fine. As long as its concise, focuses on major achievements and is written in the appropriate style (lots of impact words, quantifying achievements etc.), I don't think there is a strict one-page rule.

Personally, I've got interviews at McKinsey, Oliver Wyman and a few smaller boutiques with a 2-pager; but then also at Bain and BCG with a single-page.

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replied on Sep 06, 2017
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General business school rule of thumb is to have a 1-page resume if you have less than 10 years of experience. If you have more than 10 years, then you have have 2 pages or more.

Having publications can add credibility and help impress the interviewers. Perhaps you can include one or two publications as highlights and keep the resume one page?

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replied on Feb 21, 2021
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Rule of thumb is 1pg unless you have 10+ years of experience

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