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Avaneesh asked on Jun 09, 2017 - 1 answer
Switching from life-science research to consulting. Targeting MBB and boutique life-science consultancies.


I come from a research and development background in biotechnology and i recently took my GMAT. I did quite well - scoring 740. I wanted to know if i should include it in my Resume.

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Tyrion Lannister replied on Jun 10, 2017
High-borns only! Targaryens preferred. Absolutely NO Lannisters! :-)

Dear Avaneesh,

It does not hurt to include your impressive GMAT score of 740 (which is in the 97th percentile if I'm not mistaken), but this question drives at a more fundamental issue: what your ultimate resume and application strategy here? You woud need to supply a little more information to guage the impact of the inclusion of this score. I refer to information such as your academic history, professional career to date, and the firms you to which you intend to apply...among other things.

Be aware that with certain firms and with certain application programmes (the traditional MBA autumn recruiting being a rather specific one), the 97th percentile impressive, but, by itself, not overly so. Therefore a comprehensive application strategy must support the inclusion of the score in your resume to create the maximum positive impact.

Good luck to you.

Good advice Tyrion, i put up more information on a new question. i'd love your thoughts. — Avaneesh on Jun 10, 2017