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Requirement of one-page CV in Germany?

New answer on Nov 23, 2020
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Anonymous A asked on Dec 07, 2017

Hey all!
To my knowledge, its widely accepted to have a two-page CV in Germany. Do MBB and other consulting companies still require a one-page CV which would be quite packed or is the two-page alternative also accepted?

Thank you so much in advance!


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replied on Dec 07, 2017
Project leader BCG, Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews


From my experience, I confirm that it is common to have a 2-page CV in Germany. Nevertheless, you have probably heard contradictory advice when it comes to the length of your CV: ‘It has to fit on 1 single page!’ or ‘Include every detail!’

So which is the right answer? I personally follow a simple rule: 1 page for every 10 years of work experience. Even though squeezing your experience might seem difficult it will eventually pay off: a crisp and focused CV demonstrates your ability to synthesize, prioritize, and communicate the most important points about your profile. MBB appreciate that ability very much.

Entry-level candidates, especially those straight out of college, should keep their CV to 1 page. Experienced professional, will find it difficult to squeeze everything onto 1 page, but it is still very important to keep it concise.

Good luck,


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Content Creator
replied on Nov 23, 2020
#1 MBB Coach(Placed 750+ in MBBs & 1250+ in Tier2)| The Only 360 coach(Ex-McKinsey + Certified Coach + Active recruiter)

It depends on your experience, but it's highly recommended to keep it 1 page



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Anonymous replied on Aug 23, 2020

Hi A,

Agree with Jacoppo here. So 1 or 2 page CV depends on what experience you have.

If you wish, I can share with you an exampple of a good CV and Cover letter for consulting. For that, feel free to reach me out.


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Jacopo gave the best answer


Project leader BCG, Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews
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