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Anonymous A asked on Oct 07, 2018

What are the most competitive RB offices to apply for?

What do you recommend to stand out in the application process?

Is there anything you pay special attention to in the cover letter or CV?

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Yves updated an answer on Oct 08, 2018

Dear User,

thank you for your question.

Generally speaking, one of the most competitive RB offices is the London one due to:

- The general attractiveness of London as a city
- The high number of candidates fluent in English as their second language and hence consider London as their first choice when looking for opportunities abroad

Regarding the application process I'd recommend to be yourself and show us why you want to be a consultant. Let us know what drives you and why we should hire you. So for me it is not about what you did but rather about why you did it and why this makes you a good candidate for us.




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