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Anonymous asked on Apr 06, 2017 - 1 answer

Recently I've made contacts with zeb and became really interested in the Firm.

Is there anyone that went through the recruiting process who is willing to share the experience?

Also, any experts with experience with zeb's recruiting process?

Thank you for the input!

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Anonymous A replied on Apr 07, 2017

Hey Nuno!

I'm happy to share my experience with you. The zeb recruting process consists of:

  1. Online application

  2. Phone interview (with recruiter): why consulting? why zeb? etc...

  3. Interview day: 3 case interviews (2 with consultants, 1 with partner) consisting of personal fit, banking cases, brainteaser and questions about banking sector

I recommend you to get up to date on the banking sector as well as know important macro economical concepts and terms. Overall I feel that the interview process with zeb was really fair and respectful. Much better than other firms I had interviews with. Plus about one week after the interview they gave me a call and actually useful feedback! I didn't end up getting the job (lack of macro knowledge) but I didn't feel so bad, because it was understandable and it was useful for me to have that interview experience.

Anyway I hope you get it and wish you the best of luck! :-)

Hey anonymous, Thank you so much! Would you mind contacting me in private to discuss some ideas with you? Thank you again! — Anonymous on Apr 07, 2017 (edited)

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