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Preplounge restricted in some regions?

Preplounge case-call section malfunctioning
New answer on Oct 07, 2019
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Anonymous asked on Oct 05, 2019

Preplounge team,

I have been having troubles to connect with case partners in some regions. It is the second time that me and my case partners have failed to practice our case interviews due to these technical glitches associated with Preplounge. Please can someone from Preplounge team address this question/issue so that we can find alternatives to avoid wasting precious time.



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replied on Oct 07, 2019
PrepLounge Community & Marketing Manager

Hi Ira,

Thank you very much for your feedback and helping us improve our platform. We really appreciate that you take the time to write us and apologize for the problems you have had connecting with some of your case partners via PrepLounge.

We are aware of this issue which only affects our internal call function and have been doing our best to solve it. However, we do not know, yet, why this problem occurs and where it is coming from, as it only arises at very irregular intervals. To get to the bottom of this, it would be really great if you could provide us with more details about the issues you have experienced. In particular, it would be interesting to know which countries are affected.

Until then, we recommend you to use external providers, such as Skype, Viber or Wire to connect with your PrepLounge case partner.

We would love to hear from you again, so we can hopefully finally fix this bug!

All the best,
PrepLounge Community Management​

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Anonymous on Oct 07, 2019

Hi Christine,

Anonymous on Oct 07, 2019

Hi Chrsitine, thanks for your response. The issue is primarily associated with regions like Lebanon, UAE, and other countries in that region. Best, Ira :)

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