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Astrid asked on May 20, 2019 - 4 answers
PrepLounge Community & Marketing Manager

Dear PrepLounge community (including experts),

First of all, thank you all for being part of PrepLounge and our Consulting Q&A!

About three years ago, we started this feature as a hub for you to exchange experiences and get help from experts. During these years, the Consulting Q&A has grown and become the heart of PrepLounge’s community. Every day, multiple questions are posed and answered by our experts.

To make the Consulting Q&A even better for you in the future, we are currently working on some improvements. We don’t want to exclude you from this process which is why, we are asking you for your opinion:

  • What do you like about our Consulting Q&A (usability, content etc.)?

  • What can we improve?

  • Are there some features missing that you would like to have?

Any feedback is welcome! Obviously, there is no wrong answer here, but feel free to “upvote” answers that you agree with :)

We are looking forward to hearing from you in the answers below!


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Best Answer
Anonymous replied on May 20, 2019

Hi Astrid,

What do you like about our Consulting Q&A (usability, content etc.)?

It's such a great feature, and, I believe, keeps the community alive! It's great not just informing users on important topics, but in allowing users to better connect with each other and find case partners + experts.

What can we improve?

Reading inline:

  • View responses inline (without clicking). I.e. an expandable column.
  • (Related) When clicking ""more" open inline

Search functionality:

  • Full word search functionality(i.e. "rite" returns "criteria", "write")
  • Highlighting of location of searched word in returned results

Kepe up the great work!

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your feedback, Ian! Those are some good points :) — Astrid on May 21, 2019

replied on May 23, 2019
Project leader BCG, Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews
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Hi Astrid,

What a great initiative! Taking time to listen to the community speaks very well about the Preplounge team:)

My suggestions:

  • What do you like about our consulting Q&A? The great / high quality content and the rapidity to get an answer
  • What can we improve?
    • Avoid double/similar questions: the majority of questions/topics has already been addressed in the past; it would be great to have a system to avoid repeated questions. Categorize questions (as suggested in other replies) would perhaps help?
    • Quality of answers/relevance: in a very few cases I feel that experts give their answer/react to questions without really addressing the core of the question with the simple goal of increasing their visibility… the number of likes should be representative of the quality of an answer…but sometimes it is difficult to judge without previous consulting experience
  • Are there some features missing that you would like to have? In view of my points above, having moderators (or a moderator system in place) would probably help the long-term sustainment of quality

Keep up the great work!

Hi Jacopo! It is indeed an issue that the same questions are asked repeatedly. Thank you very much for your suggestions! Have a great week! — Astrid on May 27, 2019

Sadik Cevik
replied on May 23, 2019
Ex M&A banker and Consultant at JP Morgan and Oliver Wyman
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Hi Astrid,

Great to hear that you are seeking feedback to improve the platform.

It is amazing how fast the Q&A tab has grown and probably very helpful for people to search answers for specific questions that they have in mind. However, as it has grown to 3.5k+ Q&A's and expected to exponentionally grow, it would be helpful to get some structure.

My suggestion would be either to organize functionally

  • Consultantancy specific questions:
    • McKinsey
    • BCG
    • Oliver Wyman
    • Etc
  • Topic specific questions
    • M&A
    • Valuation
    • Etc
  • Etc

This will help especially the people that don't have a specific question, but want to browse through interesting content. Along the way they may find questions and answers that fit their interest.

Hi Sadik Cevik! The tags can be used to find specific topics, but you're totally right, we should make it easier to browse through the Q&A! Thanks for this valuable feedback, we highly appreciate it! — Astrid on May 23, 2019

Daniel updated his answer on May 21, 2019
Imperial College PhD, Rolls-Royce Project Engineer, RWTH Aachen Mechanical Engineer and Business Administrator, Software Engineer

Hi Astrid,

good idea!

  • What do you like about our Consulting Q&A (usability, content etc.)?

    • Generally to ask any question related to consulting and receive expert advice. That's really helpful and enhances my preparation.

  • What can we improve? Are there some features missing that you would like to have?

    • I am happy with the way it currently is​​. It serves its purpose:-)

  • This is a bit off-topic, but I mention it here as it is about the improvement of PrepLounge.

    • When proposing a meeting, it would be helpful to actually be able to state more than one languages in which the meeting could be held. For instance, I am German and I don't mind having a meeting in German or English. That would enormously support finding the right partners. At the moment, I have to write the second language in the remark line of a meeting. Ultimately, I don't think that would require a big change in the source code and the meeting database as a simple drop-down list with checkboxes containing one's languages mastered would do the job just fine.

Kind regards,



Thank you for the kind words, Daniel! — Astrid on May 21, 2019

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