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Prepering for BCG online test

BCG Online Test
New answer on Nov 19, 2020
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Anonymous G asked on Sep 27, 2020


I would like to know how can I study to BCG online case, based on the fact that there are not too many free exampls for this test.

What are the best resources for each kind of question?

Are McKinsey PST previous tests are relevant on order to preper for BCG test? Of the answer is positive, which kind of questions in McKinsey PST are similar to those in BCG?i


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Anonymous replied on Sep 28, 2020

Dear A,

Potential test, or sometimes SHL + a logic test based on traffic lights color (two or more traffic lights are connected by codes; each code change a color of the traffic light; one of the code is broken and you have to understand which is the broken one)

There are 2 types of BCG tests:

1. GMAT-like test with questions similar to GMAT
2. Online Test that is based on a case and has the questions closer to PST

So, I would recommend you to:

Practice GMAT for BCG

1) Keeping your math trained with GMAT exercises is always a good idea. Free resourced can be found online, for example:

2) Also tests that usually are for investment banks (with graphs analysis) are a useful. Free resourced can be found online, for example:

3) Official BGC Potential test examples:

Practice PST. You can find some guidance on PrepLounge


Anonymous G on Sep 28, 2020

Thank you for the informative answer. Do you know which type of BCG test is being used in Israel? As far as I know, there is 23 questions test with 45 minutes limitation time, while all of the questions are on the same case and different Docs are being provided along the case. Would McKinsey PST tests are good resource for study to BCG test?


Content Creator
replied on Sep 28, 2020
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First, good luck!

Second, think of it as a merge of a case and the GMAT/GRE.

You need to be clear on some key case-related and account formulas (margin, growth, breakeven, etc) as well as be good at critically understanding the question (including nuance to questions) and parsing through complicated text with a fair amount of distraction.

You'll also need to be good at chart/graph reading.

The (old) McKinsey PST, BCG Online Test, Bain SOVA test, etc. are all quite similar so leverage resources across all of them.

Anonymous G on Oct 11, 2020

Thank you for the informative answer. Which parts of the GMAT should be practiced in order to study for the new BCG online case assessment?

Content Creator
replied on Nov 19, 2020
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If you have already prepared for case interviews and good at reading charts, analytical thinking, and mental math, then BCG potential is an additional of probably an hour as what you should plan for.

Basically, to prepare you can use some mock potential test, and after every test just look into solution to see where you have gone wrong. 3-4 mock test it would be enough for you to prepare for the potential test.

Regarding Bain, there are very similar.


Anonymous replied on Sep 30, 2020

Essentially it is similar to a case interview. Difference lies in you'd be interating with an AI chatbot instead of a real person. 3 tips for your consideration:

  • Get farmiliar with consulting / business terms; the AI chatbot likely would be looking for some key words in your answer, in order to determine how it would judge your answer and how it proceeds to the next step
  • When you open the link within the case, better to open with multiple tabs. It would be easier to toggle between the tabs and compare, than clicking back and forth within one tab (you'd waste time on this and more likely missing info)
  • Practice doing summary via a video - make sure you look natural and confident. Look into the camera lens (not your screen) when speaking, record yourself and review for improvement areas.


Anonymous G on Oct 03, 2020

Thank you for your answer! what would be the best areas for practice for the new test and what are the most recommended resources? Which kind of keywords do you means to? is there any list of them?

Content Creator
replied on Sep 28, 2020
McKinsey | Awarded professor at Master in Management @ IE | MBA at MIT |+180 students coached | Integrated FIT Guide aut


I would strongly recomment you practice it with the Integrated Reasoning part of the GMAT exam.

There are free exams in the internet that you can use for practice (the one of LBS MBA page, Verits prep, as well as some free trials for courses such as the one of The Economist (

Furthermore, to your question, McK exams would totally help -the old ones before Imbellus were indeed very similar-.

Hope it helps!



Anonymous G on Oct 09, 2020

Thank you for the informative answer. Are the McKinsey old PST teste also relevant for the *new* version with the 8-10 questions to be snswered in 25 minutes? Do you know which kind of question is asked in the video session?

Content Creator
replied on Sep 28, 2020
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.500+) | 1.500+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 10Y+ Coaching

Hi there,

The standard BCG Online Case - also called Potential Test in some offices - is a multiple choice computer test with 23 questions to be answered in 45 minutes.

It has one single case only. You receive +3 for each right answer, 0 for no answer and -1 for a wrong answer.

Calculators are generally not allowed, but there are exceptions in some countries - you can clarify that with HR if needed.

I recommend the following approach to prepare:

  1. Look online for reliable BCG test simulations. You can find an example here:
  2. If possible, don’t print the sample tests; rather, do the simulations on your computer. The day of the test you won’t be able write notes near the questions or turn pages. If you practice on a paper version, you will find different dynamics the day of the interview that could impact your performance. You should also do all the simulations with a time constraint
  3. After each test write down the mistakes you did. You will probably find that the mistakes have something in common – eg wrong math, too much time wasted on some questions, wrong interpretation of graph
  4. Work on each area of improvement. Many candidates do these simulations checking only the final score and don’t spend time analyzing the mistakes - thus they don’t improve
  5. Once you have done all the BCG test simulations, move to PST practice. You can find a good number of PST tests online. The PST is different from the Potential Test – in the PST there are multiple cases, the types of questions are different and you have more time available. However, it may still help to improve your performance. You should be able to identify the similarities between questions doing both of them

As additional notes:

  • Remember you are penalized for wrong answers - you should adapt your strategy accordingly
  • Aim to identify the main areas of improvements already with the first test - the typical ones are math, graph interpretation and ability to absorb information quickly
  • Try to distribute the tests between the day you start practicing and the day of the test for constant learning – avoid to do them just at the end

There is also a variation of the online case BCG started to use in some countries. This is the feedback I got from a candidate who recently took the new test in Germany:

  1. 8-10 questions instead of 23
  2. 30 min instead of 45
  3. No negative points
  4. Calculators allowed
  5. Presence of open questions
  6. Video sum up at the end

The main addons are 5 and 6, as this part was not present before. For the rest, I would recommend preparing as for the old one (plus answering all the questions as there are no penalties in this version).

You can clarify with HR the version you will have to do.

If you want to practice on a real example of a BCG Potential Test, you can find the one I created below:

With this test you will be able to:

  • Prepare on the exact same format of the standard BCG Online Case – 23 questions in 45 minutes
  • Identify your possible improvements thanks to detailed solutions for all the 23 questions
  • Practice on material tested by multiple candidates who did the test and successfully passed the Potential Test.

If you need additional support or have any feedback on the test feel free to PM me, I can provide additional tips for free.

Hope this helps,